Signs That Your Vendor Might Not Be Right Fit for You

“Error is feature until you discover it”

The following is just a short list of my experience with vendors. There is no particular order (just like the poor vendor).

  • Move dates of major deliverables
  • The vendor says, “This is harder than we expected”, repeatedly. Uses that as excuse to not deliver a promised task.
  • Does not do what is assigned
  • No or nominal innovative, new, or exciting ideas proposed by the vendor
    • No thought leadership
    • Look to your team to create new innovation for them (“you pay for their improvements/innovation” without giving your company any IP or stake)
    • Present that innovation as their and present it to your competitors
    • Uses jargon or big words without specificity
  • You require daily meeting to assess the progress of every project step
  • Requirements documents
    • Provide too broad of description
    • Jump into specification of what they are going to do
    • Not have requirements document
  • Rely on your team and your other vendors to provide insights into the data even after months working with internal stakeholders
  • Duckspeak – much words are used by your vendors to described the project or their risk but you are still unclear what is the status of the project
  • Constant change of workers and leaders involved in your project
    • Sudden and unexplained departure of key project players on the vendor side
    • No warning or knowledge transfers
  • Consistently change the pricing model between each presentation deck
    • Produce ever increasing
  • Minimum connection between the sales presentation and the deliverable
  • No concrete discussion and commitment for the post-implementation support for the data, data infrastructure
  • End user administration is either confusing or relies too heavily on your team
    • No thought out process
    • No thought out support process
  • Constant need to supply password as there are several different technologies build one on top of the other
  • Unable to improve customer experience
  • Didn’t account for validation period in the project plan (ie time after the project/process completes and before it is released for general consumption)
  • Vendor argues with the company that hired them
  • Charges you for the work that they did not finish
  • Budget is not itemized
  • Require constant supervision of projects and/or tasks. As soon as you woke away, the tasks are not done
  • Prioritizing other projects given to them over your projects
  • Tries to sell what they developed at your company to your competitors
  • Below standard maintenance agreements.
    • Maintenance agreement is not discussed at the start of the project/program
  • Key players take extraordinary amount days off before key deliverables deadlines
  • Program manager acts as project manager
    • Program manager works on other projects that not tied to your program or (even) company

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