Web Presentations

Anything you do for you customer the impact of which is not recorded in your internal system for your future use is a waste of your customer’s time, a monitory loss for your company, and degradation of your brand. Information on the customer is the soft currency that powers the internet. The cliché – delivering what you customer wants in the right time in the right channel via the right content – can only be achieved if the customer profile is constantly updated by both marketing and sales.

Today’s customer is highly engaged and educated regardless of their background. Content marketing is the byproduct of hyper interested labor force.  The great success of the internet is not so much connecting everyone (mail and other channels did that centuries prior to TimBL’s invention), but allowing everyone to access most of human knowledge within seconds with their own tools (thus fulfilling Carnegie’s library vision). In this context, user experience expectation is not directly influenced by company or brand but by customer’s unsensational appetite to access information the way they desire.

Web presentation is an important component for your marketing tool kit. An important element of web presentation is the trust of the audience in your information. Your company’s name and the brand are impacted every time there is a web presentation. As Peter F Druker pointed out, that everyone from janitor to CEO speaks for your company and its brand. The same is true on how you conduct your webcast presentations. In every single web presentations, there are actually three meetings – before, during, and after. Each of this meeting needs to be managed in their own unique way.


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