Analytics, Sales

Unique Selling Proposition Check List

The Big Why?

  • Do you have a clearly defined vision for your business?
  • Do you have buy-into your vision by (Check all that apply)
    • Your team
    • Your partners
    • Your suppliers

Creating USP

  • What industry are you in? (TIP: you are what you repeatedly do)
  • What’s in it for your customers to use your product or your service?
    • How does your customer describe your product?
    • How does your customer use your product?
  • What will encourage your potential customers to purchase your product or service?
  • List specific what makes your product/service unlike your competitors
  • If it is a class of its own, then do you compete on (check one):
    • Lowest price?
    • Doing something different than the competition or what the customers expects (Pick all that apply):
      • More or better
      • Extra services
    • Serve a well-defined small group?
    • Combination of the above
  • What is your competitor’s USP?
    • TIP: If there are different size companies, define the competitor’s general USP based on the size and their stage of development (start up, transition, or growth)
  • What is your complimentary firm’s USP?
  • What is your supplier’s USP?

USP Statement General Characteristics

  • Does it include a value that customers receive?
  • Is it less than 90 words?
  • Does it outline specific areas of differentiation?
  • Does it provide something to the unserved market?
  • Does it answer “what’s in it for customers AND prospects”?
  • Is it realistic that you can follow through on your promises to the customer?


  • Who owns your USP?
  • Who will revise your USP? How often?
  • How is your USP communicated to your team and suppliers?
  • How do your sale teams use of USP? How marketing materials use USP? How is your marketing aligns with sales vis-à-vis USP?

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